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Infertility - You don’t have to struggle in silence...

Let me show you the path, hold your hand, and walk with you through the Infertility Roller Coaster!


As a six-time IVF, and eight IUI failure candidate, throughout a six year roller coaster experience which led to severe depression, I am now a mother of a very blessed boy, with no medical assistance or doctors, or tablets involved, and this is why I would like to share my story with you as I have been where you are, and where you are planning to go!

I personally lost myself during the 6 years of “infertility”, which was the phrase I heard every time I tried to find a new doctor. I was frustrated, angry, confused, disappointed, and lonely, despite the fact that I had my Gynecologist, Embryologists and of course my immediate family and friends beside me. My daily routine was continuously dealing with ovulations sticks, fertility diets, hormone supplements, listening and reading to anything that had to do with infertility either online or buying books, and was continuously holding a calendar and marking periods plus ovulation days, most importantly when I should have intercourse, visiting the chemist to buy more pregnancy tests, and then expecting to begin feeling the signs of pregnancy after “the two week wait”, until I ended up suffering with Severe Depression and was in a deep black meaningless hole that I wish you never fall in.

So, I guess your story also begins after a very exciting and happy pre-wedding preparation period, in order to organize the perfect dream wedding we all live for, the romantic honeymoon has finished, and if not earlier, after a year has passed, we take a look at our ‘to do life list’ to see what’s next, and it says “baby time”! Of course this idea is also reminded to us constantly from both sides of the family and, friends, who begin asking “are you trying for a baby?”, “you should begin if you haven’t”, “what are you waiting for”, “are you having fertility problems?”, “which one of you has the problem?” or “are you not happy in your marriage?”. So, we have this goal/mission that we need to achieve, as that’s what everyone does after they marry, and so we also need to follow this tradition, and here is when the big journey begins of trying to become parents that sometimes leads to heartache and disappointment.

You are not alone if you are feeling sad, anger, jealously and disappointment either now or during the procedure either if you are trying to conceive by yourselves, or with IVF, or by any other medical assistance.

As a Relationship and Fertility Coach, I use the above experience, natural empathy, and expertise through coaching, to accompany you through the fertility process and provide continuous encouragement and support couples together, but also separately, practical guidance, by identifying and reducing the stress points and help teach positive mindset vibes.

Your experience with a fertility coach can begin either during the “is it time to ask for medical help and/or try for IVF”, after one or two years of trying to conceive, or actually during the IVF procedure and of course the whole procedure of becoming parents. A fertility coach will help you facilitate communication between yourself and your partner (if you have one) as trying to conceive is a very stressful time and supporting each other is the recipe for the best positive result. Unfortunately, many couples are so focused into trying to have a baby that they forget about themselves, their welfare, but mostly their relationship together as a couple. All of a sudden, there is nothing else to talk about while having dinner or lunch or when watching tv on the sofa, the only interesting subject that you hear yourself discussing continuously is when the next appointment is with the doctor, when the new hormone tablets cycle will begin again and when you need to be free of any personal commitments on the days you are fertile.


“just heard that a friend is pregnant”

“have you been shopping and have passed from the baby department”

“have you been waiting outside yours Gynecologists office for your next appointment, and the rest of the ladies in front of you have their hands on their “pregnant belly”

“have you just seen a movie on tv with a couple going home with their new born”

“have you put on some extra weight from the hormone treatments and eating because of stress and people are asking you “if you are pregnant”

“are you only having sex with your partner on your ovulation days”

“the only reason you having sex is to get pregnant”

“have you stopped being with friends and relatives who are already pregnant”

“are you arguing with your partner who wants to go out for dinner or a drink but you are not feeling up to it and rather stay home in your pyjamas and have begun arguing?”

If you are feeling any of the above then please feel free to contact me to book your first free session, and I promise that I will get you back on track again again!

Don’t let infertility own you! Let me help you take control and ownership of your life back! You don’t have to struggle in silence!



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