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Forgiveness is a CHOICE to free yourself...not others.

For most of us the word “forgiveness” does not exist in our vocabulary. We prefer saying to ourselves that we have been wronged, became a victim, and so we need to hold a grudge for ever. Forgiveness is a choice, it is a decision you take for yourself and not for anyone else. The resentment your feel for somebody will not just go away by itself. As long as you are holding yourself back from forgiving somebody you are locked away in your own emotional prison. It is your choice to free yourself form it. Forgiveness has been misinterpreted as saying that what they did or said to us was okay, which is absolutely incorrect. But instead of holding onto what has happened, give yourself permission to move on with your life. Making the choice to forgive surly does not mean that you will forget how somebody hurt you and how they made you feel.

Forgive them for falling as a victim to their own emotions

Forgive them because if you do not, they will win and you will loose

This is something that you do for YOURSELF, not for anyone else. Do not wait for the resentment you harbour just to go away, because it won’t. So, instead of allowing somebody else to dictate your emotions and ultimately control you, by forgiving them, you give yourself permission to move on with your life, and by doing this, you do not allow them to hold you captive anymore.

Remember, hanging on to bitterness and anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.

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