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My Story

Life Coaching is not about the Coach but the Coachee (client), but it is inevitable that you need to know who I am, so allow me to present a brief introduction of myself. And maybe you will give me the chance to hear YOUR story…..

Life Coaching advocates to the exploration of one’s own self and his capacity to find the courage to address the issues that affect his ability to be at peace. Understandably, opening up to someone you barely know is never easy, so let me start by giving you a glimpse into my own struggles, failures and experiences, because like many of you, I too, had to start by confronting the issues that hindered my ability to enjoy life. 

Whilst I am a proud mother of two wonderful children that mean the world to me, I have first-hand experience of the fact that life is not always a plain sailing. Having gone through a tough divorce, having battled with severe depression and having struggled with multiple IVF and various infertility treatments/operations, my life has been far from perfect. By owning up to my mistakes and acknowledging my shortcomings and by accepting that change comes from within I was able to take that small, but very important step towards personal development.


And it is precisely these difficult experiences that have inspired me to become a beacon for others. Because, like so many of you out there, I too, have, on occasion, felt alone and helpless with nobody to listen to me or lean on. These difficult life experiences in conjunction to my experience in interpersonal relationships as an Office Manager at a distinguished law firm, and previously as Human Resource Manager, have enabled me to gain a better insight of the issues facing so many of you today including, among others, career, family issues, mental health, low self-esteem, and feeling inadequate.


I truly understand human suffering and I am very compassionate with issues concerning conflicts, disputes between family and friends and feelings of inadequacy and mental disfunction. Apart from the above matters, I have been told that I am a very good listener and with my great patience and understanding, I am very eager to also discuss with you matters regarding the pressure of deadlines, setting targets, internal business organizations and conflicts between employees, career changes, organizing yourself, virtually anything you wish to share with me. I consider it a privilege to be in a position to help anyone having a tough time coming to terms with the hardships of adulthood and life in general.

This rich array of knowledge and personal experience, coupled with my sensitivity and compassion, has helped me to build a truly unique and adaptive approach to Coaching which is my passion.

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What is Coaching

Life Coaching is a development process via which an individual is assisted through questions by his/her coach to achieve his/her personal and/or professional goal, target, vision, but also for reasons of self-awareness, appearance, relationships, family, health, wealth and happiness, matters or anything that is actually on your mind that you feel has blocked you.  

You should only seek for a Life Coach if are prepared and have decided to take action to become what you want,  analyse why you are in this situation now, what is your challenge

and vision in life and how to become a better person, organize your day in a more productive way and most importantly to want to invest in yourself in all aspects of life.  


These answers are locked inside each of us, which is why we need to be directed by a professional, as how to get them unlocked and out in the open!  A Life Coach will guide, motivate, inspire, and encourage you but will never tell you what to do. Through active listening, good communication, questioning, interpretation and evaluation, a life coach

will use specific tools and techniques to move you towards your stated goals and be

next to you throughout the whole journey and be an audience to your decisions!


The power behind coaching in basic words, is “Creating the life”  YOU want. 

Let’s create the person YOU want to be and the life YOU want to have together…..



The power behind coaching in basic words, is “Creating the life” YOU want. 

Let’s create the person YOU want to be and the life YOU want to have together.

My Vision

My vision and life’s purpose is to help you find your true meaning of life and provide you with courage, support, dignity, honesty and the patience that you deserve. Further to this I will be

using my technique and strategy in supporting and assisting you to create any meaningful

changes necessary to build a precious life. 

I am inspired and motivated by coaching as my mission is to assist others to become successful happy and reach their goals, by unlocking their inner strengths and energy with success. This

fulfils me deeply, as now you know that I had also struggled with the same challenges YOU may

be facing now,  long ago  and have managed to overcome them all, and  so can you.

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